Day Two!

So today is technically day two after my starter was started even though day one was posted less than 24 hours ago.  What can I say I didn’t post as soon as I created.  So sue me!  Good luck getting any money you might win though.  Remember, I’m poor and unemployed.

Yesterday I got an order from my Bishop’s Storehouse and when I choose my 5lbs of fresh fruit I choose all pears.  So now I have 5lbs of slightly under ripe pears.  I looked at a lot of recipes online for what to do with these and I’m thinking I don’t want to do the regular light syrup bland boring canned pears we all had to eat as children.  I just don’t wanna, and you can’t make me.

So I’m going to make these Gingered Pear Preserves.  I like ginger and the orange color is just so pretty.  I’m stuck away from home right now as the roommates didn’t pay the cable bill so no internet.  I’ll be making them later tonight and posting pics probably tomorrow.  And most likely editing this tomorrow to remove all this I’ll post later crap.  Maybe.

I will also have in process pics and notes on whether or not all the work is worth it.  I will be testing this recipe for you.  Just for you.  Doesn’t that make you feel special?  It should.  I don’t do these things for just anybody.  Love me internets.  LOOOVVVEEE MEEEE!


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