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Day One!

Wait!  Why is there a picture of some white stuff in a jar?

Starter Day 1 Top View
Starter day 1 top view

Hehe white stuff in a jar.  Oh, sorry.  You thought this would be a serious blog.  All full of vocabulary and correct grammar and stuff.  So sorry to disappoint people but sometimes I have a very immature sense of humor.  Sometimes I even cuss.

Back to reality now that you’ve woken up from your faint.  You might be saying things similar to this.  “I thought this blog was supposed to be about canning and pickling?  Right?  Did I click through to the wrong site?”

No.  You did not.  This blog will be, primarily, about pickling and canning.  However, I will throw in other stuff as I have mostly finished canning for this season and now I’m on to my baking obsession.  Also my cooking obsession.  Or my let’s make something in the kitchen obsession.  Also my figuring out new ways to use the random stuff I get from my local food bank obsession.  Breaded Catfish strips?

You see I am unemployed and therefore poor so I have to beg for food from my church and the state.  The stuff I get from the Bishop’s Storehouse is the same every 2 weeks and therefore easy to figure out what to make with it.  Does that last sentence make sense?  Oh well, you know what I’m trying to say!  It’s freakin 4 am and I’m tired so deal with my nonsensical ramblings!  Damn it!

However the stuff from the food bank is unpredictable, for example the first time I went I got 3 dozen eggs.  Needless to say frittata was made with the bacon I also got, and the goat cheese.  Oh the goat cheese.  Yummy, smooshy, slightly sharp goat cheese how my grown up palette loves you.  (I still have some in the fridge, don’t let my roommates know.  Also great on some bread with homemade apple butter. (Yes that recipe will be posted soon.))

So back to the white stuff in the jar.

Starter day 1 side view
Starter day 1 side view

That is my sourdough starter day one.  I had one before but lost it in a move.    So I finally started a new one after like 2 years without my yummy homemade sourdough bread.  It’s not hard.  I’ll tell you how in a sec.  But for one moment just bask in the awesomeness that is that $0.25 thrift store jar.

Didn’t see what was so awesome about it?  Let me help you with my not so awesome photoshop skills.

Close up of jar logo
Close up of the logo on the jar.

That is an honest to goodness Mason Jar!  A real one!  Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I’ve seen a real Mason Jar?!  Do you!?  I don’t even remember.  I’m sure my grandmother used them when I was younger and probably still has some floating around in her stash somewhere.  I call dibs when she finally passes.

Do you hear that Uncle C?  Mom?  They’re mine.  Do not just rent a giant dumpster and throw everything away like I know you’re going to want to do.  I will cut you!

Anyway, back to the starter.  I’m fine really.  You don’t need to call anyone, especially not the nice young men in their clean white coats.

In a clean jar, or bowl, or cleaned out large plastic container, mix equal parts flour and water (I used 3/4 cup each).  Stir, or as I did, shake vigorously til you have lots of air incorporated into the slurry.   If you used a jar take off the ring and loosen the lid so it’s not stuck on.  You want air flow.  If you used a bowl or other container that doesn’t have a lid that fits put a tea towel or other thin cloth over the top.

This will make CO2 and you don’t need that trapped inside.  You want it to escape the container.

I can hear the poor little CO2 bubbles.  Help meeeeeeeee!  I’m dying!  I can’t breathe!  For the love of god someone please let me out!

Everyday for the next week take out half your mixture and add the same amounts of flour and water you started it with.  So I would remove 3/4 a cup of the mixture, as I started with 3/4 cup flour and 3/4 cup water or 6/4 cups of ingredients (Yeah!  Math!),  and add another 3/4 cup each water and flour.  the next day I’d remove 1 1/8 cups of mix and add more flour and water.  Blah! Blah! Blah! are you even reading this anymore.

You get the idea my tired math aside.  Remove half the mix every day and add more fresh stuff to the mix every day.  After a week it should be all bubbly and smell like really really strong sourdough.  After that put it in the fridge and follow the above “feeding” weekly.

There are a few other things you need to do to your starter to make sure it’s successful.  I will cover those in the next few days as I post more in progress pics of my starter.